T/2H    * 'Youth going on a mission trip. Faith-based processing. x@ 'Monday"9:00 a.m."11:00 a.m.^College For Kids   ^CT ^Maria E.# 'Summer Program through UWRF. x@'Tuesday"9:00 a.m."11:00 a.m.^College For Kids   ^CT ^Maria E.# 'Summer Program through UWRF. y@'Wednesday"9:00 a.m."11:00 a.m.^College For Kids   ^CT ^Maria E.# 'Summer Program through UWRF.  y@'Thursday"1:00 p.m."5:00 p.m.^Camp Lakamaga  ^Lows/HT  ^Kevin 'Girl Scout Connection @y@ 'Friday"8:00 a.m."5:00 p.m.^Day Camp ^Lots!^Large Group Games F 'Day Camp needs some extra staff on this day! Get paid to play! y@ 'Sunday^First Unitarian Church^Canceled y@ 'Monday"9:30 a.m."4:00 p.m.^Anoka County Parks 'Lows / BW / CT / HT  '6th and 7th graders. y@ 'Monday"8:30 a.m."11:30 a.m.^College For Kids   ^CT ^Maria E.% 'UWRF Summer Children's Program y@'Tuesday"8:30 a.m."11:30 a.m.^College For Kids   ^CT ^Maria E.% 'UWRF Summer Children's Program y@'Wednesday"8:30 a.m."11:30 a.m.^College For Kids   ^CT ^Maria E.% 'UWRF Summer Children's Program z@'Thursday"10:00 a.m."3:00 p.m.^Camp Sunrise  ^HCRC ^Maria E. z@'Thursday"2:00 p.m."4:00 p.m.^Camp Needlepoint (Staff) - ^Init H 'Staff Training - Wants tips and tricks for working with children z@'Tuesday"1:00 p.m."5:00 p.m.^Eagan HS Cheerleaders  ^Init / Lows H 'These are competition cheerleaders looking to bond before season z@'Wednesday ^TBA ^TBA^Minnesota Urban League   ^HC ^Maria E. 'Inner-city Youth z@'Thursday^Minneapolis Kids^Canceled {@ 'Tuesday "8:30 a.m. "4:00 p.m. ^Cottage Grove  ! 'Lows / CT / HT / HCRC   ^Maria E.9 'Students are part of a Television Production club. !{@!'Wednesday!"8:30 a.m.!"3:00 p.m.(!^Apple Valley HS Girls Soccer Team ! !^HT !!^Maria E., !'Already did Climbing Tower last year. "{@"'Thursday""1:00 p.m.""4:00 p.m."^Adventure Connection ""^Init / Lows "& "'School Age Child Care Teachers. #{@ #'Friday#"9:00 a.m.#"1:00 p.m.#^College of St. Catherine ###^Lows / HT #' #'One High obstacle and then Lows. ${@ $'Friday$"9:00 a.m.$"3:00 p.m.$^Whittier Schools $A$^Init / Lows $& $'Teacher in-service and bonding. % |@ %'Sunday%"8:00 a.m.%"4:30 p.m. %^Lakeville Volleyball Team % %^Lows / CT / HT / HCRC % %^Carri5 %'Wants to learn how to rely on each other more &@|@ &'Monday&"9:00 a.m.&"3:00 p.m.%&^Anne Sullivan Community School &d&^Init / Lows &G &'Teacher in-service and bonding. Was a portable group last year. '`|@''Tuesday'"1:00 p.m.'"5:00 p.m.'^Macalester College ''^Init / Lows ''^Maria E. ''Leaders In Service. (`|@('Tuesday("4:00 p.m.("5:30 p.m.(^University of Minnesota (A(^Port (Init) (E ('Wants to build new relationships among incoming HRIR students. )|@)'Thursday)"10:00 a.m.)"5:00 p.m.)^St. Olaf College ) )^HCRC ))^Carri, Maria E.6 )'Lows in morning / High Confidence in afternoon. +}@ +'Sunday+"1:15 p.m.+"5:15 p.m.+^Mounds Park Academy ++^Lows / WF +? +'Had bad program last year. Need confident Facilitators ,~@ ,'Monday,"10:15 a.m.,"3:30 p.m.,^Twin Cities Academy ,P,^Lows / CT / HT ,O ,'6th - 8th grade. One high obstacle guaranteed, a second if time allows. - ~@-'Tuesday-"8:00 a.m.-"3:00 p.m.-^Math and Science Academy -n-^Lows / BW / CT -. -'6th do BW and Lows. 7th do CT and Lows .@~@.'Wednesday .^TBD .^TBD.^Apple Valley High School .0 .^HT . .'High School. /`~@/'Thursday/"9:00 a.m./"2:30 p.m./^St. Joseph's School /"/^Lows / HT /% /'5th do Lows. 6th do Lows / HT 0~@ 0'Friday0"8:30 a.m.0"12:30 p.m.0^Blessed Trinity 0Z0^Init / Lows / CT / HT 0' 0'7th do Lows/HT. 8th do Lows/CT. 1@1'Tuesday1"12:00 p.m.1"4:30 p.m.1^Star Tribune 11^Lows / HT 1 1^Scot& 1'Talking to Scot about programs 2@@2'Thursday2"9:45 a.m.2"3:15 p.m.2^St. Ambrose School 222^Init / Lows / HT 2$ 2'One High Teams and then Lows. 3@3'Saturday3"1:00 p.m.3"4:00 p.m.'3^First Presbyterian of Stillwater 33^Init / Lows 3 3^Carri$ 3'Wants faith-based processing. 4@4'Tuesday4"8:15 a.m.4"1:15 p.m.4^Apple Valley High School 474^Init / Lows 4 4'9th graders. 5@5'Wednesday5"8:15 a.m.5"1:15 p.m.5^Apple Valley High School 575^Init / Lows 5 5'9th graders. 6@@ 6'Friday6"12:00 p.m.6"4:00 p.m.6^Humboldt High School 6n6^Init / Lows 6L 6'High School. Wants students working together to be a positive habit. 7@@ 7'Friday7"12:30 p.m.7"4:30 p.m.7^STAR Services 77^Lows / HT 7 8`@8'Saturday 8^TBD 8^TBD8^Lutheran Church of Peace 8 8^Lows / BW / Swing 8 8'High School youth group. 9@ 9'Sunday9"9:30 a.m.9"12:00 (?)9^University of St. Thomas 9 9^HT 9 9^Carri 9'Half-day program. :@ :'Monday:"8:30 a.m.:"4:30 p.m.:^Parkview Elementary :2:^Lows / CT : :'5th grade students. ;@;'Tuesday;"8:30 a.m.;"4:30 p.m.;^Parkview Elementary ;2;^Lows / CT ; ;'5th grade students. = @ ='Friday="12:00 p.m.="4:00 p.m.=^Humboldt High School =n=^Init / Lows =L ='High School. Wants students working together to be a positive habit. >@@>'Saturday>"11:30 a.m.>"4:00 p.m.>^Church of St. Paul >>^Lows / WF / CT > 6 >'Younger Group - WF / Older Group - Lows and CT. ?@@?'Saturday?"1:30 p.m.?"3:30 p.m.?^Planned Parenthood ??^Init / Lows ?A ?'Mothers and daughters. Would prefer a female Facilitator. @@@@'Saturday @^TBD @^TBD%@^Plymouth Congregational Church @ @^Lows @ @'Church youth group. A@@A'SaturdayA"11:30 a.m.A"12:00 p.m.A^Peace Camp AA^Icebreakers A A'Wants only ONE group. B@@B'SaturdayB"1:00 p.m.B"3:00 p.m.B^Peace Camp B B^WF B B'Wants only ONE group. C@@C'SaturdayC"3:30 p.m.C"5:30 p.m.C^Peace Camp C C^Lows C C'Wants only ONE group. D`@ D'SundayD"9:00 a.m.D"10:30 a.m.D^Peace Camp D D^CT D D'Wants only ONE group. E`@ E'SundayE"1:00 p.m.E"2:00 p.m.E^Peace Camp EE^Nature Hike E E'Wants only ONE group.F^October 9 - 10, 2003F'Thurs - FriF"9:00 a.m.F"4:30 p.m.F^Visitation School F-F^Lows / HCRC / Disc H F? F'HCRC, 2 hr Lows, 2 hr Discovery Hike for all 3 groups.  G@ G'FridayG"9:45 a.m.G"2:50 p.m.#G^Christa McAuliffe Elementary GdG^Lows / CT / HT GM G'Wants different High Obstacles for each group to allow for discussion. H`@ H'MondayH"9:30 a.m.H"5:00 p.m.H^Andersen Elementary H<H^Lows / CT H+ H'Bond group for start of school year. I`@ I'MondayI"9:30 a.m.I"2:00 p.m.I^Bluff Creek Elementary II^Lows / CT I  I'5th grade students. J@J'SaturdayJ"8:30 a.m.J"4:00 p.m.J^St. Patrick's Church JPJ^Lows / CT / HT J J^CarriD J'Guaranteed one high obstacle. May want one group to do more. K @ K'SundayK"12:00 p.m.K"4:30 p.m.K^Friendship Ventures K  K^HCRC K K^Kevin0 K'Youth on probation. Wants "long course". L@L'WednesdayL"10:00 a.m.L"2:00 p.m.L^O.H. Anderson Elementary LZL^Init / Lows L, L'Trying to get kids to bond as a team. M@M'ThursdayM"10:00 a.m.M"2:00 p.m.M^O.H. Anderson Elementary MZM^Init / Lows M, M'Trying to get kids to bond as a team. N@ N'FridayN"10:00 a.m.N"2:00 p.m.N^O.H. Anderson Elementary NZN^Init / Lows N, N'Trying to get kids to bond as a team. O@ O'FridayO"6:00 p.m.O"9:00 p.m.*O^Safe Alternative To Halloween PartyO^DependsO^CT / Much More!O^As many as possible.M O'Come volunteer for the 2nd annual Halloween Party for our communities! Q@ Q'SundayQ"9:30 a.m.Q"6:30 p.m.Q^Zion Lutheran Church QiQ^CT / HT / Service Proj. Q Q^CarriF Q'Teambuilding and Faith spiel. Need help with Service Projects. R@ R'MondayR"9:00 a.m.R"1:00 p.m.R^Como Park High School RR^Init / Lows / BW / SS RR^EE Staff: R'Each lunch while explaining "Survival". Big group! S @S'TuesdayS"9:00 a.m.S"1:00 p.m.S^Como Park High School SS^Init / Lows / BW / SS SS^EE Staff: S'Each lunch while explaining "Survival". Big group! T@T'SaturdayT"1:30 p.m.T"3:30 p.m.T^Planned Parenthood TT^Init / Lows T T^CarriA T'Mothers and daughters. Would prefer a female Facilitator.
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